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A Rogue Antique is formed as an interview excerpt in which the central character recalls an encounter with narrative fragments and ambiguous chronology in an elusive architectural form. The video combines found material, drawings and images from the artist's own archive and unsophisticated hand-held footage taken in her work spaces with a selection of images of the Birmingham Central Library interior during the process if its de-commissioning.

The work reflects on production, presence, temporalities within architecture and interior spaces and the spatial language of archiving and display. While not explicitly referenced, the work is influenced by the collision of these elements in libraries and their ideological, social and psychological implications.

A lithograph print accompanies the video and is available from Vinyl Art Space.

Watch the video online.

A Rogue Antique, 2013
Digital video, lithographic print



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Risograph print on evercolour 80gsm paper in cream / green

Edition of 20.

Untitled, 2012
Evercolour 80gsm paper



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'Not only the city' is an ongoing series of photographs, drawings, designs and texts relating to structures with supplementary functions such as storage and presentation and often with imaginary, dysfunctional or unrealisable elements. The structures often suggest themselves into the histories, presents and possible futures of the contexts for which they are produced.

Not only the city #13 was exhibited as part of S1 Members Show 2011.

Not Only the City #13 - Structure for the Projection of Fragmented Narratives, 2011



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'Not only the city' is an ongoing series of photographs, drawings, designs and texts relating to structures with supplementary functions such as storage and presentation and often with imaginary, dysfunctional or unrealisable elements. The structures often suggest themselves into the histories, presents and possible futures of the contexts for which they are produced.

Not only the city #2 and #3 were exhibited as large format prints mounted on hardboard, as part of Next to Nothing, Leeds 2011.

Not Only the City #2: Billboards, 2011
Digital photograph / digital 3D render



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Digital print on 100gsm cartridge paper, edition of 50; goddard rack, wood, paint; risograph print on evercolour 80gsm paper in cream / green, edition of 20.

Spotlight Show, S1 Artspace, Sheffield. Installation view.

Screen Studies #3 & #4, 2012
Cartridge paper, goddard rack, wood, paint; evercolour 80gsm paper



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Exhibited as part of Microcosm, Leeds, curated by The Departure Foundation.

A Few Retrieved Pages, 2012
Wood, coated hardboard, 35mm slide projection



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Onibaba live re-score by The Death Rays of Ardilla and Mike Ward.

(Set pieces and staging by Charlotte A Morgan.)

Charlotte worked in dialogue with musicians Nick and Thom Tietzsch-Tyler to create sculptural pieces and arrangements for their live re-score of Kaneto Shindo's cult horror film Onibaba, commissioned by Sensoria Festival. The pieces aimed to work with, though not emulate, the original cinematography and atmospherics of the film and the central warehouse space in which it was screened.

Onibaba, 2012
Staging, wood, landscape fabric, blinds, bricks, wire mesh, string, lighting, music and digital



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Developed during a residency at Site Gallery with COPY as part of print it, Scene VII performed an insertion into the space, exploring spatial or unbound potentials in reading and publishing through images, objects and text in which a scene is set and a structure is described.

Incomplete Production, Scene VII, 2012
Digital projection, wood



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Text and image work, published in Re-reading Breakthrough Fictioneers, an homage by art and writing journal Corridor 8 to Richard Kostelanetz's seminal publication Breakthrough Fictioneers. Corridor 8 Issue 3, Part 2, March 2012.

Incomplete Production is a series of texts which set various scenes for a play which remains unwritten, often formed around the navigation of impossible structures. Scene V: Cassano describes a structure as perpetual archive, in which it's inhabitants slip out of, or remain trapped by the present through their constant re-arrangement of fragmented archive materials placed against the ever-shifting surrounding environment.

To purchase Corridor 8 Issue 3, Part 2 visit one of their listed stockists or purchase online here.

Incomplete Production, Scene V: Cassano, 2012
Text and image



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Over Lodges was developed for an exhibition which took place in a rural town. The work is formed around the town's old Lodges supermarket, now a riverside leisure development, which appears as an anomaly in the landscape as the only echo of modernist architecture. Over Lodges combines images of the building with archival material relating to the industrial and historical context of the area, fragmented, repeated and arranged in relation to suggest over layed and contradictory narratives of the landscape.
On site, the work was positioned to bring the view from the window in relation to the images. Over Lodges draws upon the significance of the lookout point, picture postcard, souvenir painting, window or lens in framing the visual perception, heritage and experience of a place.

Over Lodges was exhibited at Th'Owd Towser show, Holmfirth Arts Festival 2011.

Over Lodges, 2010
Silk screen prints, digital prints, timber structure



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Charlotte A Morgan works with writing, print, sculpture, photography and performance. Her work draws from the interplay of memory, fiction, narrative and temporality within architectures, landscapes and interior spaces, and often focuses on the performance of objects and structures and the language of archiving and display.

Charlotte is co-founder of COPY, a network and platform for writing in the field of visual art and performance, and collaborates as part of Homeland, an interdisciplinary research and production space exploring myth and utopia. She also produces critical texts and reviews for a online and print publications.

Currently based in Sheffield and a studio member S1 Artspace. Project Manager at BLOC Projects. BA (Hons) Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University 2007.


Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts, with Copy. 2012.
NAN Go and See Bursary, with Copy, 2011.
Re-place commission, 2009.


Leo Asemota: The Ens Project's First Principles, New Art Exchange 2011. Interface Bursary commission, published online and selected for publication in a-n magazine, March 2012 by Alessandro Vincentelli, curator at BALTIC. >>

Interview with Becky Shaw, Published online at a-n Interface as part of Ctritical Writing Collective degree show coverage for a-n Degrees Unedited. Part 1 / Part 2

Sonya Dyer: Paul Roberson Research Station, Site Gallery 2011. Review published online at This Is Tomorrow.

Art Sheffield 2010: Life, a User's Manual and Over to You, text published by a-n magazine, June 2010 and online at a-n Interface.

Daniel von Sturmer: Set Piece, Site Gallery 2009. Review published by a-n magazine, December 2009 and online at a-n Interface.

Do Our Cities Include the Young? text comissioned in response to Sheffield Specials symposia, Sheffield Civic Trust 2008.

Folly and [dis]location: An Illegible Text, catalogue essay for and…and…and…, Sylvester Works, Sheffield 2007. Curated by Robert Lye.

Re-Writing the City, experimental academic text 2006.


Re-imagined Libraries, Site Gallery, Sheffield 2012.

Papers, Fictions, Scripts & Circles, Site Gallery, Sheffield 2012.

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Curating the Rural, re:place Symposium, Cromford Mill, Derbyshire 2011. Speaker.

Structure in Independent, Collaborative Learning, Alternative Strategies Temporary Space, Leeds 2011. Speaker.

S1 Assembly: A symposium on artist-led activity, S1 Artspace, Sheffield 2011. Speaker and Co-ordinator.

Art School Alternatives, Corridor8 symposium, Liverpool JMU 2010.

Ta(l)king Place, Encounters Shop, Sheffield 2008/9. Host.

Make/Shift, S1 Artspace, Sheffield 2008. Curator discussion.


Writer's Retreat, Wild Pansy Press Project Space, Leeds, with COPY.

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print it:COPY in residence, Site Gallery, Sheffield, with COPY.

Analogous Frequencies, a Plasticities commission, Occursus, hosted at Access Space, Sheffield. With Homeland.

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Escalator Retreat: Print and Production, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge.

Artists Book and Zine Fair, Spike Island, Bristol. With Homeland.

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Free Radio Africa, Murcia, Spain.

RITE, launched at Project Space Leeds and Supported by In a Word...

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